WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance Best Practices

The Enterprise's goal is to consistently rate an AA on the WCAG 2.0 accessibility chart.


  • Captions

    Captions are provided for all live audio content in synchronized media

  • Audio

    Audio description is provided for all pre-recorded video content in synchronized media.

    Description must be user-selectable, whether it be audio with descriptions or static text available to describe the content.

  • Contrast

    Visual contrast on the page must be at least 4.5:1.

  • Resizing Text

    Text should be resizable without Assitive Technology up to 200% without loss of content or functionality.

  • Text Images

    Do not use images to convey visual information that could be repesented with text.


  • Navigable

    More than one way is available to locate a web page within a site except where the page is the result of or a step in a proccess

    Limit the number of links per page

    Make links visually distinct.

    Highlight search terms.

  • Headings and Labels

    Headings and labels describe topics or purpose.

  • Keyboard Focus

    Any keyboard operable user interface has clear focus indication.


  • Readable

    A list of suggested content readability points can be found on the W3 site.

  • Language

    The content should be able to be programmically determined except for proper names, tech terms, and things that have become part of the vernacular of the immediately surrounding text.

  • Predictable

    Web pages should appear and behave in predictable ways.

  • Consistent Navigation

    Nav items that are repeated across web pages appear in the same place, in the same order.

  • Consistent Identification

    Components that have the same functionality within a site are identified consistently.

  • Input Assistance

    Help users avoid typos/mistakes and provide correction.

  • Error Suggestion

    Input errors automatically detected are highlighted and corrections are suggested, unless it jeapordizes the security or purpose of content.